Ameigh’s Profile

Hi, my name is Marilyn {Ameigh} Moore and my age is 71 on Jan 1, 2018. I am a Widow since 2006 when my husband Donald W. Moore died of lung cancer. He chain smoked. [See Family History]

Currently, there are two other sites of mine. They are and and you are welcome to visit them, if desired.

My current interest and hobbies [not an expert at anything] are as follows:

Space Environmnent
Star Trek [all series]
Arm-Chair Travel [actually recliner] via TV, Google/maps, and Internet Travel Websites, and books
Some comedy series on TV
History [not into World War I or II minutely]
Politics [do not like politics even though all history has spin especially by the winners of any controversy]
Music [Play the Keyboard and Early American {Indian} Flute]
Listening Music [Easy Listening, Smooth Jazz, Classical, Light Classical, Swing, Sounds of
…..the Seasons, some Country, Old Fashioned Christian Gospel, Spanish Guitar, some opera – but not intellectual about it,
…..and a good torch singer]
Knit Loom
Card Games [PC]
Jigsaw Puzzles [PC]
boat rides [on a lake]
Mini Golf [PC]
Sports Viewing [baseball {Yankees or Mets – depends on which is underdog}, basketball {underdog of two teams playing}

Elsie Cook

My Grandmother, Elsie Cook, died at 84 many years ago. She had 13 children and worked at the County Farm [as an employee] in Bath for years. She taught young children and teenagers christian training through the Caton Baptist Church. She was a fantastic cook.

Jan 17, 2018

Jan 17, 2018 is Snowflake Day or Jack Frost Day or Coconut Day — Depending on where in the World you live.

On this day, hot homemade soup or stew is great.  In this part of the World, it is cold, snowy, and with damp air.  If you are in a warmer part of the World, ice cream might be better.

Hello World…..

Welcome to my World!

This site will cover:

  • Cooking/Recipes
  • Family History
  • Family Pictures [current and past]
  • Ceramics/Sewing [for my usage]
  • Community Pictures/Misc Pictures
  • Anything Else I Think Up to Put on It