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Ameigh’s Profile

Hi, my name is Marilyn {Ameigh} Moore and my age is 71 on Jan 1, 2018. I am a Widow since 2006 when my husband Donald W. Moore died of lung cancer. He chain smoked. [See Family History]

Currently, there are two other sites of mine. They are and and you are welcome to visit them, if desired.

My current interest and hobbies [not an expert at anything] are as follows:

Space Environmnent
Star Trek [all series]
Arm-Chair Travel [actually recliner] via TV, Google/maps, and Internet Travel Websites, and books
Some comedy series on TV
History [not into World War I or II minutely]
Politics [do not like politics even though all history has spin especially by the winners of any controversy]
Music [Play the Keyboard and Early American {Indian} Flute]
Listening Music [Easy Listening, Smooth Jazz, Classical, Light Classical, Swing, Sounds of
…..the Seasons, some Country, Old Fashioned Christian Gospel, Spanish Guitar, some opera – but not intellectual about it,
…..and a good torch singer]
Knit Loom
Card Games [PC]
Jigsaw Puzzles [PC]
boat rides [on a lake]
Mini Golf [PC]
Sports Viewing [baseball {Yankees or Mets – depends on which is underdog}, basketball {underdog of two teams playing}